You have the option of choosing to attend classes Casually or through our Class Pass or Weekly Pass system.

Casual Class/Introductory Class – $16 per class, this must be paid in cash before class commences. Correct money is preferred as change is not always available.

Your Introductory class is discounted off your first Class Pass should you purchase a Class Pass the week after your Introductory Class i.e. pay only $59 for a 5 Class Pass if purchased the week after your first class.


Class Passes – Attend any Adult classes to use your Class Pass.

5 Class Pass – $75 (Expires 6 months from issue)

10 Class Pass – $140 (Expires 6 months from issue)

20 Class Pass – $270 (Expires 12 months from issue)

Attend more than one class in a week and receive a 50% discount on all subsequent classes that week.


Weekly Passes – Are signed off at your first class of the week and you are welcome to attend any number of classes for the rest of that week.

Weekly Pass: 5 Weeks – $140 (Expires 6 months from issue)

Weekly Pass: 10 Weeks – $280 (Expires 12 months from issue)

No further discounts apply due to the already discounted rate.

Join us for Class!

To book an Introductory Adult Ballet, Adult Tap or Dance Fitness Class complete the Sign Up Form here.

If you have attended an Introductory class and would like to purchase a Class Pass or Weekly Pass this can be done here.