2017 Fee Schedule


Annual Registration Fee -$15 per student

We Bop, Petit Dance, Beginner and Primary: 30 minute class – $8

Bronze Medal Jazz, Musical Theatre: 45 minute class – $11

Bronze Medal Ballet, Silver Ballet, Silver Jazz: 1 hour class – $14

All students receive an Enrollment Gift Pack, including Drink Bottle, Hair Kit and Dance Poster or Journal at the end of their First Term of dancing.


Multi-class and Family Discounts

Total classes counted per family, with the exclusion of any unlimited packages.

3 classes per week – 5% discount

4 classes per week – 10% discount

5 classes per week – 15% discount

6 classes per week – 20% discount

Single Student Unlimited Package – $60 per week. No further Family discount applicable.

Discounts only apply if Fees are paid by the Due Date.



Fees will be issued per Term.

$15 Registration Fee is payable to secure an Introductory Class place. This is refunded should you NOT wish to continue with classes and you notify the office before the second lesson. The Registration Fee as well as your first class tuition fee are credited to your first invoice should you continue.

No refunds are available on Fees due to overheads that remain whether your child attends or not. Make up classes are available for missed lessons, these must be arranged through the office.

Families with children in more than 3 classes may choose to pay their fees in 4 installments over the term. Please contact the office BEFORE the Due Date on your invoice to arrange this or late fees will apply.

Fees paid after the Due Date on your invoice will lose any discounts applied and the $10 Administration Fee will apply.

To arrange an Introductory Dance Class contact us here.