Viewing and Doing Week

We do not allow parents to sit in class each week, with the exception of We Bop, as we have found the children become easily distracted and do not gain the most from the lesson with an audience watching. To give you an opportunity to share in your child’s dance journey we invite you into class once each term. Bring along your family to share this class ‘in action’, take lots of photos and kick your shoes off to join in.


Community Performances

As a Centre who prides itself on supporting the community, opportunities will arise over the course of the year for our students to participate in performances within the community including nursing homes and fete’s. These performances are not compulsory, however are a great opportunity for your child to bring the joy of dance to others in our community. Notice of these performances will be given out to specific classes involved in these performances.


Annual Performance

Our students in Petit Dance up to Senior classes are offered the opportunity to perform in our Annual performance in Term 4. This is not a compulsory performance, however it provides your child with an event to develop Performance skills and share their enjoyment of dance with family and friends. This performance is a local, low key event where the commitments of the children and families is kept minimal. Should you wish for your child NOT to perform please contact the office.

Students in Petit Dance, Lavender and Junior classes are NOT required to attend rehearsals before the performance and their performance is held locally in a well lit school hall. We feel added pressure on young children to sit quietly through rehearsals at such a young age can cause undue stress and does not benefit the children. All rehearsals these students is during normal class time, this provides the children with enough rehearsal time to be able to present their dances with confidence. For this reason it is very important children are at as many classes in the rehearsal period as possible.

Students from Lilac level will be given the opportunity to perform on a local theatre stage in 2018 and will be required for rehearsals. These rehearsals will be held for up to 20 minutes per class and will be held on the same day as the performance.

Costumes for the Annual Performance are sourced as cheaply as possible and are yours to keep after the performance. Notice of costume costs and performance dates will be provided to all families in Term 1.



Performance Feedback:

“Such a fantastic concert. Loved every minute of it. Well done to all the dancers.” – Belinda

“Wonderful performance today. So many extra details with the stalls, ribbons and flowers. Greatly appreciate you hard work!” – Erica

“Thank you Miss Kelly for teaching our Grand daughter Ava. Wonderful concert” – Pat

“Well done Kelly, the concert was fantastic. Loved seeing all the moves my little Mermaids have learnt this year.” – Jeanette