We BopWhich classes are best for your dancer?

We Bop

18 months – 3 years with a carer

See your toddler engaged in activities developing their minds and bodies as they sing, dance and move to music with you. Watch as your We Bopper develops their fine and gross motor skills, musicality and social skills in a range of activities based around a themed class plan. To arrange an Introductory We Bop Class contact us here.

Petit Dance

Petit Dance

3 years old to Kindy Age

Watch as your preschooler skips, hops and jumps into class each week as they explore their imaginations, musicality and new dance movements. In classes tailored specifically for their little bodies, get excited as your preschooler is encouraged to find their independence and build their social skills. See your child make lifelong friends as they are nurtured to further develop their gross and fine motor skills and performance skills. To arrange an Introductory Petit Dance Class contact us here.


Tiny Tapper’s

4 -5  years old

If your 4-5 year old taps their feet and claps their hands all around the house, this is the perfect class for them to learn how to articulate their feet and develop their co-ordination. With fun games, familiar nursery rhymes and lots of tapping, see your child’s eyes light up as they learn to master the Tap basics. To arrange an Introductory Tiny Tapper’s Class contact us here.


Classical Ballet

Classical BalletFrom 5 years

Introduce your child to the beauty, grace and athleticism of Classical Ballet. See your child develop strength, agility and artistic expression as they learn Classical Ballet posture and alignment. Beginner children at all ages are introduced to the discipline of Classical Ballet and the foundations of Ballet technique in a supportive and age appropriate way. Watch as your dancer develops their imaginations, creativity and performance skills in Classical Ballet. As your child progresses through the levels your Classical Dancer will have the opportunity to participate in examinations through the Australian Teachers of Dance (ATOD) to strive for their absolute best. To arrange an Introductory Ballet Class contact us here.



JazzFrom 5 years     

Jazz is fun, funky and encourages your child to move and groove. Your dancer will turn, kick and jump through their classes to music from Broadway to the current top 40. See your child develop flexibility, musicality and learn how to stylize Jazz dance to suit a range of Jazz styles. As your child progresses through the levels your Jazz Dancer will have the opportunity to participate in examinations through the Australian Teachers of Dance (ATOD) to strive for their absolute best. To arrange an Introductory Jazz Class contact us here.



From 6 years

See your child’s rhythm and co-ordination develop as they make music with their feet. Your child will be engaged and challenged with slow, fast and waltz tap exercises and dances in each class. See them develop skills to create complex rhythms, syncopation and great strength through Tap classes. To arrange an Introductory Tap Class contact us here.


Junior Performance Team

6 years to 8 years

If your child is enrolled in either Lavender 2 Ballet, Lilac Ballet, Lavender 2 Jazz or Lilac/Bronze Medal Jazz they are invited to join our Junior Performance Team. In Performance Team students build friendships with students across varied age groups and learn dances throughout the year to perform at Fete’s, Nursing Homes and our Annual Performances. Please note enrolling in the Performance Team means you are committing to having your child attend the 2-3 scheduled community performances and both the Junior and Senior Annual Performances for 2018. Confirmed Performance Team performance dates will be issued early in Term 1.

Musical Theatre

From Bronze Star Level

Singing, Dancing, Acting and a whole lot of fun is what happens in our Musical Theatre classes. Your child will develop their skills in all three areas as they learn excerpts from The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, Matilda, Annie, The Lion King and many more. Students wishing to join us for Musical Theatre classes are required to be enrolled in either Ballet or Jazz classes. To arrange an Introductory Musical Theatre Class contact us here.



From Bronze Star Level

Contemporary dance uses fluid dance movements to connect the mind and body, to express emotions and tell stories. Contemporary dance combines elements of modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. In a Contemporary dance class your child will learn specific Contemporary dance technique as well as learn dances and improvisation techniques. To arrange an Introductory Contemporary Class contact us here.



From Bronze Star Level

Strengthening and lengthening of muscles doesn’t happen automatically, this is why we offer Conditioning classes to help our students develop strength and flexibility to aid in their technical classes. This is especially important as students attend more hours of training and are therefore putting greater strain on their growing bodies to keep up. This class is compulsory for all students choosing to participate in examinations and recommended for those wishing to improve their flexibility and strength.

Adult Classes

From 17 years     

See our dedicated Adult Classes page here.