We pride ourselves on being very open with communication to parents about events coming up and use email, hand outs, Facebook and our Weekly Notices board to communicate to parents.Helping Dancer

It is very important to us that all eligible students are offered opportunities to participate in upcoming activities. We also understand the importance of parents and students having a full understanding of what they are committing to before signing up.

We respect that not everyone will be able to participate in everything that is happening at our Centre, it is just one of the many things that make us different. Not everyone will be able to attend the Annual Performances, Photo Day, Examinations, Santa Parade and Family Events and we are understanding of this. What we offer is opportunity!

We offer various experiences through our Centre that we feel students would like to participate in. Before you choose to participate in something, we communicate what is required to participate in that activity in the very first handout and/or email. No one likes surprises, so we will always let you know the key dates for the activity, the cost involved, how to confirm with the office that your child would like to participate and the due date this needs to happen by.

Where do I find the information about an opportunity I know is coming up?

If it is a performance opportunity ie. Annual Performances, Fetes, Nursing Home, Santa Parade, you will be issued with a hand out. You will also be emailed a copy of the note in the first two weeks of the note being handed out through class. A reminder email will be sent out to everyone who is eligible to participate the week before any confirmation of attendance/non-attendance is due. If you haven’t received a note, can’t find one in your inbox or junk folder, contact the office for details or ask your child’s teacher for a spare copy.

Family events, student events or holiday workshops can be found advertised on Facebook, in your latest newsletter, on the Weekly Notice board or look for posters about the Centre. We don’t like to chop down trees to advertise absolutely everything happening at our centre and keep paper hand outs for just performance opportunities that require a greater level of commitment to participate. Again, if you can’t seem to find the information anywhere, be sure to contact the office.

So what happens when we don’t receive your confirmation of participation?

We assume the dates/commitment/cost involved doesn’t work for you this year. That’s great, we’re glad you assessed the commitment and decided it was not going to work for you this year. We hope you have a great time on holidays, at Grandma’s 80th Birthday or saving up for that special trip overseas.

We don’t want to become the dance school that nags their parents, so we won’t text or email our families who haven’t responded by the due date. Most families have a lot on, we respect that, and don’t need to be hassling you about everything. We also have over 150 families and chasing that many families would result in an awful lot of administrative time and cost that we would need to pass on via fees!

My child will be so disappointed they can’t participate this year!

They may be a little disappointed that they can’t participate in an activity with their dance friends, however I’m sure if you explain the reason they are unable to participate this year they will be understanding. Sometimes it’s hard to miss out, but this is a great opportunity for your child to understand that sometimes we have to prioritise some activities over others. Let them know that just because they can’t participate this year doesn’t mean they miss out forever, we tend to offer the same or similar experiences for our students every year.

What can I do to make sure my child doesn’t miss out on a great opportunity?

As soon as you receive the hand out/email about an opportunity, make a note of all the important dates, especially the date any confirmation/booking is due. Make a time to sit down and read through the note thoroughly. Take note of all the commitments required so you can make an informed decision about the opportunity before the due date. Email or call the office about any queries.

If you have seen something on Facebook or in a newsletter about an opportunity and don’t seem to have received the information for it, contact the office. Your child may have misplaced the note (or it’s still floating around in their dance bag) or the email may have gone to your junk folder.

Confirm your participation! Whether the note or email requires you to return a slip, email the office, complete an online form or booking, make sure you do it by the due date.

Why is it so important to notify the office by the due date, what if I’m a day or two late?

We love to offer lots of opportunities to our students throughout the year and with each opportunity comes a lot of work behind the scenes. We have a fairly tight schedule of turn around for arranging costumes, planning rehearsals, preparing activities, purchasing supplies etc to make every opportunity a success. In order to get this done on time we block in time on our calendar to get all these things done. If you are confirming a couple of days after the due date we may have already made purchases for the confirmed students. You are asking us to take time out of our already busy schedules to make arrangements for your child to participate. In some cases that will not be possible, especially if shipping of items is required or spacing is already set.

The most important points to take away from this is that communication is two way. We will do our best to get everything to you in a timely manner. As a parent, you need to make sure you check with your child for notes and check that junk folder for our emails (if you move them to your inbox each time it will eventually learn we aren’t junk). If in doubt don’t hesitate to contact the office to confirm if you have missed something important.

Happy Dancing,

Miss Kelly