At Prelude Dance Centre we are what is known in the Industry as a non-comp dance school. This means we don’t have our students performing in competitions throughout the year. This is a decision we have made for many reasons, but this isn’t what this post is about!

We love the opportunity to provide our students with performance opportunities other than their Annual Performance. We like to have these performances support our commitment to our local community. We have aligned ourselves with local Shopping Centres, Nursing Homes and Schools in order to do provide some wonderful and varied performance opportunities for our students.

Performing in local performances throughout the year is such a great opportunity for our students to practice their performance skills. They improve in confidence with each performance and see an improvement in their artistry.

Have you ever wondered how we choose which students participate in each performance?

School Fete Performances

Groups chosen for our School Fete performances are chosen based on which class groups have items that we feel will be ready for the performance and how entertaining their item will be. We prides ourselves on ensuring our students are taught appropriate foundations in a nurturing and enjoyable way. We do not like to throw a class plan out the window for 3 or 4 weeks to focus on just getting one dance ready for a 2 minute performance. The youngest students especially do not enjoy this repetition and it is exactly why our annual performances for our Lavender and below students are not just doing 1 dance on stage.

For these reasons the majority of the groups chosen to perform at Fetes are Examination Level students. By July they must have their examination dance known and so it is ready for performances, without them having to do additional work on it in class. The other class groups chosen to fill the short amount of time we are allocated are our Junior Performance Team. This groups was created for the specific purpose of providing guaranteed additional opportunities for those students in Lavender 2 and Lilac that love the opportunity to perform. All Junior Performance Team members still learn adequate technique through their regular Ballet or Jazz class and there is no requirement to audition for Junior Performance Team.

Nursing Home Performances

Nursing Home performances are chosen a little differently as we are restricted to under 25 students each time we perform for a 30 minute session. This means when we take Petit Dance classes across mid-term we will select the class or classes that usually attend their Petit Dance class on that day.

For the school holiday visits the class groups chosen are likely to be the ones where the majority of the students are enrolled in multiple styles, so there are less students in attendance, however they are able to perform multiple items. Having an item ready to perform for this is again a factor for these performances. Our mid year Nursing Home performance will generally be our examination students and Junior Performance Team, where as our end of year performance will be a cross range of students from Lavender 2 up, as all students will have recently performed for the annual performances.

Shopping Centre Santa Parades

Our Santa Parades are exciting and a very different kind of performance to all the others. Due to this and the short rehearsal period students offered the opportunity to participate is restricted to Lilac level and above and our Lavender 2 students in the Junior Performance Team.

We currently offer performances so as the students progress through the levels they are offered more performance opportunities. This ensures their age is taken into account when we are putting them on stage in an unfamiliar environment and also we are not asking parents to have their children at additional rehearsals and performances throughout the year. We know parents are busy with other commitments outside their child’s dance classes and it does not fit in with our values to be asking them to give up more time than they may be able to for their child to perform in additional performances.

If you know of a great local performance opportunity you think we might be interested in be sure to contact us to let us know.

Happy Dancing,

Miss Kelly