It is our firm belief at Prelude Dance Centre that everyone should have an opportunity to experience the Joy of Dance!

We want to see every student from 18 months up to 80 years old in class enjoying themselves, excited to be coming and experiencing the Joy of movement with music.

As educators we know that every student is different; from the way they learn best to their anatomical structure. In our everyday teaching we take into account the different learning styles of students to accommodate for visual, aural and somatosensory learners. We also teach students how to work with their bodies to improve and refineĀ their technique the best they can.


Helping Dancer

Injuries and Illness

As a parent of a student you can help make your child’s dance experience enjoyable by letting us know if they have had any injuries or illnesses recently. We don’t want to ask a student to use a technique that may aggravate an injury.

Very keen students especially, will generally not mention they aren’t feeling 100% and need to sit and rest unless the teacher has given them the option to do so at the start of class. It is best to let the teacher know before class or contact the office so the information can be passed onto their teacher. If we are aware of an injury or illness we can help your child understand how to best manage this in class.



Behavioural or Learning Diagnosis

If your child has a behavioural or learning diagnosis we want to create a class environment that supports their additional needs. For this reason it is important to update us with information about any diagnosis by contacting the office. We want to see your child light up with Joy in the classroom and will arrange a meeting to discuss the best ways to work with you and your child in the classroom setting.

The classroom can be bright, the fluro lights can buzz, the music can be loud, uniforms can be tight or itchy and for a child with sensory issues these can all make the dance experience not enjoyable. We have the ability to modify all of these sensory inputs, if we know to do so. Let us help your child experience the Joy of dance in a supportive environment that takes into account their needs.


We want to see everyone that attends our Centre experience the Joy of Dance. With your help we look forward to creating a space where all our students feel encouraged and supported.


Happy Dancing,

Miss Kelly

Everyone Can Enjoy Dance!
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