The Pluses and Minuses of Running Back to Back Classes!

The majority of our classes run straight after one another without a break between. In doing this there are a number of great benefits, however it does mean our families need to be proactive when it comes to directing questions and queries to the right person.

Back to Back classes mean that children can attend multiple styles of classes one after the other making it much more convenient for families with busy schedules. It also ensures that we are able to offer our families class times at a reasonable time in the afternoon. No one wants a 5 or 6 year old finishing classes at 5:30pm, that is just too late to expect little people to concentrate after a big day of school.

One of the big benefits is that we can keep our tuition costs reasonable for families, as we are not having to pay a teacher to spend 10 minutes between each class waiting for the next class to start or answering questions they may not know the answer to!


Let’s Dance!

Every family that comes through our door is paying for their child to have the full attention of their teacher for the allocated class time and to be up dancing and engaged in dance activities. It is unreasonable and not in line with our Centre Values for a teacher to be taking 5 – 10 minutes talking to a parent about a query when they have up to 12 keen students ready to start dancing that are in their care.

In all honesty, once your child’s teacher is in teaching mode their brain is switched onto the needs of their class and students, as it should be for any great teacher. Any questions asked in class change over time are likely not to make it to the office, not be followed up and leave you feeling disappointed you have to chase it up again.

Queries about invoicing, make up classes or changes to enrolment need to go directly through the office via email or phone. It is always best to go straight to the person who can help you and that will not always be me or your child’s teacher.

This doesn’t mean you can’t communicate with your child’s teacher, it is important to us that you know your child’s teacher and are comfortable with them being in charge of your child’s Dance Education. However, remember that your child’s teacher’s time is precious and keep your communication with them succinct. Always let them know if your child has been under the weather, has an injury or that you need to pick them up early so they can help take the best care of your child while they are in their care.


Why can’t there be an Administration person I can ask all my questions of when I’m there with my child?

This all comes down to how much you would like to pay for tuition. Every wage needs to be paid and to add on an Administrator to be present every weekday afternoon from 3-5pm and Saturday 9am – 1pm, as well as our current hours of 9am-2pm would see everyone’s fees increase. Our Centre is still only in its first few years and is not big enough to support such an expense without doubling the fees of all families, which certainly does not align with our values.


One day we may grow to the point where we can have an allocated Administrative person on every weekday 9am-5pm and Saturday mornings to help our families with enquires. I also know that if we don’t ever get to that point that our families will appreciate everything we do offer them and will support us to create a wonderful Dance experience for their family at a reasonable rate!


Happy Dancing,

Miss Kelly

Let Them Dance!
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