Forever FriendsFirstly, I hope you sung that in your best Aretha Franklin voice!
Respect and Integrity is one of our 3 Core Values at Prelude Dance Centre. When enrolling at our Centre you receive a copy of our Core Values in your Welcome Pack. Our Core Values underpin everything we do at our Centre and outline exactly what we expect of our families at our Centre. We hold everyone; staff team, parents and students accountable to upholding our Core Values.

We choose to define Respect and Integrity at our Centre as:

We treat others how we would like to be treated. We understand that we are role models and we communicate honestly and in a sensitive manner.

So what does this look like in action?
For our Teachers:
  • Arrive on time and prepared for class: They respect that you are paying them to educate their children in dance and will ensure they give your child the best dance education they can.
  • Cater the learning of their students: They respect our students and show them care, compassion and teach to their individual needs.
  • Speak to all students and parents with thought: They speak to students in a warm and friendly manner and guide them with reminders of expected behaviour. They speak to parents in a kind manner and help to direct them to the right information or person to speak to.
  • Know they are setting an example: Our teachers are aware of the fact that how they appear and behave sets the standards for our students. They set high standards of appearance and behaviour at all times.
For our Students:
  • Interact with their teachers positively: Students are taught how to say a formal hello and goodbye to their teacher to show them respect and appreciation for their teaching. Students are taught to put their hand up to ask a question rather than call out.
  • Interact with their peers positively: Students are taught how to respect their classmates by holding hands gently, not going in other’s space bubbles and not talking over the top of their classmates.
  • Learn how to be a positive classmate: Students are taught to respect the learning of their classmates by using their listening skills and following instructions given by the teacher.
  • Learn that just because they see it, does not mean it is for them: Students are taught to respect the teacher’s, classmates and studio property with reminders, when necessary.
  • Appreciate their own Dance time: Students are taught to respect their dance time with reminders to use the toilet before class so they don’t miss out on dance time.
For our Families:
  • Appreciate the waiting area: Our families respect the learning happening in the studios and keep noise down in the waiting room. They tidy up all toys and food spills after themselves and ensure all their children are under direct supervision.
  • Understand how valuable the learning is in the classroom: Our parents ensure their dancers have had sufficient food to keep them going through class and have been to the toilet before class begins to avoid interrupting their learning.
  • Understand that every team members role within our Centre is different: Our families direct questions, concerns or information to the correct people or ask where to direct the information to.
For our Administrators:
  • Respond in an appropriate time frame: Our administrators respect parents are busy and will always try their best to respond to any queries within 24 hours on weekdays in the same way they were contacted.
  • Get information out as early as possible: Our administrators will always use email, notes and FaceBook posts to get messages out to the appropriate families for any events that are occurring in a timely manner. They respect that families are busy and need dates and information about events as early as possible.
Together we can show our children how to be respectful of others and their belongings to create caring, compassionate adults.
Happy Dancing,
Miss Kelly
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